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Our veteran ecommerce experts advise product brands how to fund growth by improving customer lifetime value. Let’s start with your email list…

Top gold line is warm engaged segment, and bottom line is decline in cold segment of list.

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Trend line at the top is the cold segment, the bottom line is the warm segment.

Advisory & done-with-you services:

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the profile of an ideal client?

You conceive, design, and maybe also manufacture, consumer products. You sell them online to retail customers, even if you also sell to wholesale or dealer accounts. You want more full margin direct-to-consumer sales as a ratio of total sales. More about you here.

Which industries do your clients serve?

Since we opened the doors in 2000, our clients’ markets have been diverse. Commonly their brands position as quality, premium, or luxury in the USA or United Kingdom. This means you’re rarely discounting but do understand incentives. We prioritize outdoors, apparel, travel, jewelry, home goods, natural health, and CPG food products. We also proudly serve regenerative ranching & farming, hunting & firearms, and adjacent brands. Our roots are in California, Montana and Texas! More about our client profile here.

Who will be working with us?

Patrick Scott Pitman is the Ecommerce Retention & Team development practice lead. Gabrielle Alyse Pitman is the Email Marketing practice lead. We assist each other and collaborate. Our extended team including brand narrative design, team advisory, and copywriting is mostly in Austin, Texas. Implementation services include designers and developers in the USA, Europe, and Phillipines.

What are your payment terms?

Advisory services are paid up-front. For multi-month implementation engagements, payments are made at the start of each month. No net 30 and no refunds.

What sets you apart from other firms?

Our commitment to helping independent brands sell online goes back to 1996. Over the decades we’ve refined and narrowed our service offering to be those where we deliver the most return on your investment. These offerings revolve around developing your DTC list and  stewarding it as among your brand’s most valuable assets. In essence, customer retention.

  • Our list management processes reactivate 3X more customers than average results, so clients tell us.
  • Our recommendations are informed by numerical measurement of results, but not determined by data. We make opinionated judgements in view of your brand vision and our experience.
  • We iterate and document our process, improving efficiences with updated templated task lists every engagement.
  • Our client data trend references extend back a decade.
  • Our long-term perspective is rare, as shown by an example client we served starting in 2001 for seven years who then returned in 2021 and continues into 2024.
  • Our luxury brand clientele sets high standards for their customer service, which we’ve learned to match.
  • Our client’s employees ask to be hired and join our team; happens every year. Our average employee tenure is 9 years. We know something about retention.

While our list could go on, know that there are good competitors who make a contribution to the brands they serve. If we’re not a good fit, we’ll tell you.

We chose not to build a full-service organization because we prefer to specialize. Gladly we partner with other specialists, including those you may already engage (example: paid traffic media agencies). We are not full-service digital as we learned that lesson long ago.

What values ought we share in order to be a good fit?

The first value is holding an expectation of good faith on the part of the other. We want the best for you, and ask the same in return. We’re in it for the long term and live on our reputation.

Expect that we’re doing our best, and we’ll do likewise. Grant us the mercy of being imperfect, even as we aim for excellence.

What else?

  • Your brand is guided by a story or promise in which you (and we ) believe. It must be more than getting to 8 or 9 figures.
  • You appreciate incremental progress and are not in a race to win the short-game.
  • You’re willing to test experiments and draw conclusions based on new results.
  • You like to plan ahead, but will adjust plans to be shrewdly opportunistic.
  • You’re willing to listen and act upon the recommendations of others you respect.
  • You’ll respect the dignity of each person on our team, including the most junior.
  • You’ll do your part in our collaboration. Done-for-you is actually done-with-you.

More about our ideal client profile here.

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We can help you evalute and connect Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Email Service Provider (ESP) systems to your ecommerce online store.

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