Retention Reset

Our flagship offering, combining our lesser services into a comprehensive package of support that extends over 1 year. Increase the lifetime value of your customers and get more repeat customers.


How long does this take to show results?

Results as measured by an increase in revenue from the email marketing / SMS aspect of this service show up after 6 weeks, accelerating after 3 months of the List Reset. The Retention Audit identifies the ‘low hanging fruit’ and informs our answer to this question after the first month. 

How long is this engagement?

Your agreement for this Retention Reset is for 12 months. If after 2 months you want to break the agreement, if for any reason it’s not what you’re wanting, then we’ll gladly cancel it at that time. Thereafter we both commit to being present and working through our Reset in the order that we prioritize with your input. 


Advisory & done-with-you services:

Nurture the next purchase systematically

let’s make it happen, working together!