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They can’t bite if they don’t see your emails in their inbox. We work with brands to retain customers through your DTC ecommerce channel, especially through email. We’ll help you drop a line at the right time, right place.

Trend in ecommerce order increasing while customer service response time declines

Deep Expertise

Independent manufacturers with big dreams and direct-to-consumer (DTC) premium brands have relied on our ecommerce marketing expertise since 2000.

Repeat Customers

Your paid media team will be our new best friends after we boost Customer Lifetime Value through repeat purchases. Then they can profitably increase ad spend.

Email, SMS & More

Simplify your message creation process with our Building Blocks system. Done-with-you or done-for-you options from our veteran small team.

Red Oxx
Christensen Arms
Clint Orms
Patrick Mavros
West Paw

Get insights about how to encourage your customers to buy again, and how to manage your company’s vital asset: your list.

Retention insights

Let's make a plan

Gain confidence in how to get customers to come back and buy again. Schedule a free consultation.


Reasons to hire ebusiness pros:

email marketing

An example of what we hear: “We’ve sent newsletters before but inconsistently. We’re out of time or out of ideas. How do we make this work, and keep it working through all the seasons of the year?”

reactivate the list

An example: “I’m not sure whether to trust our open rates. But a big chunk of our list is not even opening messages. Should we be even sending to them? How to warm up engagement and keep it warm?”

migrate to Klaviyo

An example: “We’ve been using Mailchimp for years. We know we should be doing more with automations, or Flows. We’re too busy to figure it out, and get everything set up before Christmas.”

what should we do?

An example: “We’ve got an email program, but it’s reached a plateau. We can’t get more than 15% of Shopify revenue to come from email. Our list isn’t growing anymore. We’re tired. I don’t know what’s working in 2023?”

“Bringing on ebusiness pros was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for the digital health of our company.

They produce repeatable results that you can trust. If you’re on the fence, time to jump down — ebusiness pros is the right choice.”

Willie Vernon

Executive Vice President of Marketing, Christensen Arms

“If a brand commits to going DTC ecommerce, you can wing it for awhile, but at some point you have got to build infrastructure.

“After we broke the $1M mark and made the development of our front-office team a priority, you helped me steer them into their best roles.

“You support us where we’re weak: you’re like a Klaviyo ninja, which we’re not!”

Jim Markel

CEO, Red Oxx Manufacturing, Inc.

“Our relationship has been like going on safari in an unexplored wilderness with an exceptional safari guide. 

“We have made great progress in communicating clearly the values and exceptional products and service of the Patrick Mavros brand.

“After nearly 10 years, I could not recommend you more highly.”

Alexander Mavros

Managing Director, African Luxury Ltd., London & Harare


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