Cast a line,
set the hook!

They can’t bite if they don’t see your message. We work with brands to retain customers through your DTC ecommerce channel, especially through email. We’ll help you drop a line at the right time, right place.

Trend in ecommerce order increasing while customer service response time declines

Deep Expertise

Independent manufacturers and DTC brands have relied on our expertise since 2000.

Repeat Customers

We build your list’s value by improving repeat customer rate and LTV.

Email, SMS & More

There’s two paths for clients: Coaching + DIY or Done With You agency services.

Red Oxx
Clint Orms
Patrick Mavros
West Paw

Restart Klaviyo campaigns & automations for CPG founder

ebusiness pros were recommended by a fellow veteran entrepreneur. I had no idea how to restart my email marketing campaigns.

“The team delivered beyond expectations. They took the time to provide instruction on how to navigate Klaviyo as they built custom flows.

I recommend ebusiness pros if you want to skyrocket sales. “

Charlynda Scales

Founder, Mutt’s Sauce LLC

9X monthly recurring revenue from Klaviyo flows in 2 years

“What we’ve accomplished with our ecommerce direct-to-consumer business is something that not only couldn’t have grown to the level it’s at now, but couldn’t have been done in the time that’s it taken.

We’d be years behind if we hadn’t used someone like you.

“Did I say how I’m a big fan of Klaviyo, thanks to you?”

Rick Prest

President, HH&M

5x list growth in 2 years. Average 18X return on spend for 2023.

“Dude, you’re on point!

“Exceeded my expectations.

“You’re like a Klaviyo ninja.”

Jim Markel

CEO, Red Oxx Manufacturing, Inc.

Ecommerce B2C strategy for a beloved B2B brand.

“I could not recommend you higher because you give the business owner that inside view of what the strategies need to be for long term success.

You helped us really understand where our best target market would be online.”

Spencer Williams

CEO, West Paw Design

Strategy, Klaviyo optimization & email list growth

“When we work with people like you, it’s at a different level.

There’s so much that we can start to apply.

We were missing a huge component of our ecommerce business before we prioritized our list.

Jen Perry

CEO, Jelt

Customer retention

Invite customers back to buy again. The answer is in the list. 

Our evolving marketing tech stack

About Us

Patrick Pitman

Patrick Pitman


Patrick sent his first Black Friday email promotion in 2001. In the years since, he’s helped brands in the US and UK develop DTC ecommerce as their fastest growing, most profitable channel. He advocates list ownership as an alternative to being a seller serf in Amazon’s kingdom. A former ecom SaaS founder, Patrick picked Klaviyo as our list development platform in 2016.

Gabrielle Pitman

Gabrielle Pitman

Client Services Director

Gabrielle leads our Email+ agency services. Starting as a copywriter in 2017, she now directs client strategy. She emphasizes segmentation and automations to build list value. In ’23 Klaviyo recognized her as one of 12 Community Champions, then picked her again in ’24. She advises app developers, presents to Shopify AE’s, and teaches workshops.


How we help companies grow

Our Email+ agency complements your own team’s strengths and supports them where they’re weak


List growth

Editorial Calendars

Flow Automations

Smart Discounting

Premium Positioning




Revenue focus


Trending KPI's

AI list analysis

A/B testing

Profile Enrichment


Fast Design System

Effective Emails

Click-worthy texts

Sticky Postcards

Cardalogs, notes, etc.


Sender Reputation

Account warming


List Reactivation

Top gold line is warm engaged segment, and bottom line is decline in cold segment of list.

Reasons to call us:

Staff not trained

“We already have the staff to be the ones doing it, but they’re not trained for this. Help us make a plan and get up to speed.” – CMO

Make it actionable

“We’re tracking our numbers but some are trending in the wrong direction. I want your perspective on why? And what we should do to turn these around.” – CEO

More than email

“Our team knows about email click rates, and we segment our list pretty well. But I want a game plan to enhance results. We must retain more customers. I don’t want them to just send the next clever subject line and track opens. Revenue matters.” – Brand Founder


Reasons to repair a list:

An unhealthy list

“I know we need to remove old people from our list, but I’m not sure who is worth saving. Do we nuke ’em or keep ’em?” – Brand Owner

Declining open rates

“We’re sending regularly but the segment that’s engaging keeps getting smaller. Are we getting in the inbox? What should we do instead?” – Marketing Manager

Anecdotal complaints

“Our team shares examples of people complaining about our marketing emails. Are we sending too often?” – Customer Experience Director

Promotional lists

“We’ve done giveaways, sometimes with partners, to build our list. I’m not sure it was worth the trouble. What can we salvage? And how do we do it differently next time?” – DTC Marketing Director


Reasons to hire us:

email marketing

“We’ve sent newsletters before but inconsistently. We’re out of time or out of ideas. How do we make this work, and keep it working through all the seasons of the year?” – Brand owner

reactivate the list

“I’m not sure whether to trust our open rates. But a big chunk of our list is not even opening messages. Should we be even sending to them? How to warm up engagement and keep it warm?” – Marketing manager

migrate to Klaviyo

“We’ve been using Mailchimp for years. We know we should be doing more with automations, or Flows. We’re too busy to figure it out, and get everything set up before Christmas.” – Ecommerce Director, UK

what should we do?

“We’ve got an email program, but it’s reached a plateau. We can’t get more than 15% of Shopify revenue to come from email. Our list isn’t growing anymore. We’re tired. I don’t know what’s working in 2024?” – Brand owner


Reasons to do it now:

Acquisition Cost

“Our paid traffic ad costs keep going up. That’ll only work if we increase Customer Lifetime Value. Help me do that!” – Owner

Do it right

“I know that getting this all set up in this way is going to cost more. But I want to do this right now. We’re going to do it the way it should be this year, the way I’ve wanted to before but didn’t have your help. Now we do. It’s going to be amazing.” – Dir of Marketing.

Waited too long

“For too long we’ve been chasing growth through new customers. Now we’re going to dial in the 2x, 3x customers with your help.” – Marketing EVP.


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