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Independent, local manufacturers with big dreams and direct-to-consumer premium brands have relied on our ecommerce marketing expertise since 2000.

When you engage our Austin-based agency, you’ll get a senior team with advisory and done-for-you capabilities.

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When you sign up, you’ll get in the queue for our senior team to give your brand its full attention. We’ll reply and forecast availability. If we match, we’ll schedule an audit. Then we’ll send info to orient you to how our clients retain ecommerce customers with tactics like email marketing.

clients say things like this

imagine what we might do together?

“Bringing on ebusiness pros was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for the digital health of our company.

“They stepped in, seamlessly integrated with our teams and process. They helped us to restart our email marketing program in ways that built the confidence of our executive team while ensuring our subscribers were receiving the content that they actually wanted to see in their inboxes.

“Our deliverability to inboxes has grown by 5X, while our open rates are 2X the industry average. Both campaigns and flows are far exceeding our ROI expectations.

“They are an easy-button as a digital partner and they produce repeatable results that you can trust.”

Willie Vernon

Executive VP of Marketing, Christensen, Utah & Texas

“If a brand commits to going DTC ecommerce, you have to have more than a message, more than a mission. You can wing it for awhile, but at some point you have got to build infrastructure.

“After we broke the $1M mark and made the development of our marketing team a priority, you supported us where we’re weak: email marketing. You’re like a Klaviyo ninja, which we’re not!”

“For example, your help with Klaviyo Flows saved our ass last year. It got us through the Christmas season.”

Jim Markel

CEO, Red Oxx Manufacturing, Inc., Montana

ebusiness pros were recommended by a fellow veteran entrepreneur. I had no idea how to restart my email marketing campaigns. The team delivered beyond expectations, instantly adding thousands of dollars to our monthly sales. They took the time to provide instruction on how to navigate Klaviyo as they built custom flows. I highly recommend ebusiness pros for small businesses ready to skyrocket their sales and improve their customer experience.”

Charlynda Scales

Founder, Mutt's Sauce, Ohio

stronger connections with your customers

That’s what it’s really about. Some call this your retention strategy. Klaviyo calls it ‘owned marketing,’ others call it owned media. Regardless, it looks like building your list of prospects and customers, and treating the list as a long-term asset. That’s our focus. Not paid traffic, not ads. Not social media.

about us

The community of brands we serve includes Christensen Arms, an innovator in the hunting firearms industry with an aerospace origin story.

Red Oxx Manufacturing built a DTC model with lifetime warranty outdoor products from Montana, starting before Shopify was a thing.

Patrick Mavros hosts royalty in their London flagship store, literally, but sells luxury jewelry and housewares online to aspirational enthusiasts the world over.

Closer to home in Texas, Clint Orms is bringing its ‘owned marketing‘ game up to the high level of its craftsmanship in sterling silver.

These clients all hold this value in common: they will sell to their customers, and their customer’s children, for a long time.

So they prioritize proven strategies like owned marketing wherein they steward their list and nurture the customer relationship.

We’ve been helping companies do this since our founder’s first ecommerce project in 1996. Fads fade, but mailing lists can get better over time. So does our team: the average length of employee tenure at our firm is 7 years. Experience is one reason we’re ebusiness pros.

about you

You’ve got something in common with the example clients we described at left. For starters, your product catalog is exceptional and you either created it or discovered and curated it.

You’re also keen to take the long view in business. That doesn’t mean you forgo short-term results, but neither are you chasing them at the expense of your list. For example, you’re not blasting emails on holidays, shouting what’s on sale, to hit a target for top line revenue.

Instead, you’re telling a story about your brand without rushing to the climax. You trust your customers to value your products and want to be like those who buy them. You explain the how, the why, and the who with elan.

You know your mailing list is a core asset. It could be better managed. There are potential gains, you know it! Maybe in the past you realized some of that potential. But then your circumstances changed. Maybe you got distracted with supply chain, or a key team member left, or your agency tapped out.

Now you want to get serious, but stay nimble. So you want to outsource while keeping a careful eye and shrewdly allocating a budget to bring results this year.

You want to upgrade not just your customer’s experience, but also upgrade the expertise of the people who serve your brand. 


reasons to hire ebusiness pros:

email marketing

An example of what we hear: “We’ve sent newsletters before but inconsistently. We’re out of time or out of ideas. How do we make this work, and keep it working through all the seasons of the year?”

reactivate the list

An example: “I’m not sure whether to trust our open rates. But a big chunk of our list is not even opening messages. Should we be even sending to them? How to warm up engagement and keep it warm?”

migrate to Klaviyo

An example: “We’ve been using Mailchimp for years. We know we should be doing more with automations, or Flows. We’re too busy to figure it out, and get everything set up before Christmas.”

what should we do?

An example: “We’ve got an email program, but it’s reached a plateau. We can’t get more than 15% of Shopify revenue to come from email. Our list isn’t growing anymore. We’re tired. I don’t know what’s working in 2023?”

email & SMS

The workhorse of owned media marketing for the DTC brand. Make it work for your unique story.

postal mail

There’s a place for print, for postcards to reawaken your list. Consider it a part of your owned marketing strategy.


Get more of your list to open and act. Optimize segmentation, pacing, sender reputation, list health and growth!

by the book

Creativity has its place, but digital marketing processes yield repeatable results with positive ROI. Test, refine. 


Efficient, evergreen tactics like Klaviyo Flows ought contribute 15% of your monthly ecom store sales on auto-pilot.

brand integrity

Hold attention through product and customer-focused storytelling, not just discount offers. Affirm your value.

big changes start with small steps

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