Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency

Your team can get results faster when our team helps with the follow-through: developing a program of emails and SMS sending that encourages new and repeat customer purchases. Done with you!


We’ll organize, design and create click-worthy messages – offers, newsletters, product spotlights – to send by email and SMS.

Flow Automations

We’ll start, revise, or extend automated messages triggered by customer action or inaction. An evergreen revenue booster.


The messages you send are only valuable if they’re delivered and noticed. We’ll bring your messages to more inboxes.

Agency services done-with-you

For brands with an on-going need for implementation, our strategist can collaborate with your copywriter or designer, or we’ll bring our own to your project. You’re involved as much as you want to be. Check pricing.


Reasons to do this now:

No more discounts

“I want ideas for campaigns besides coupon codes and new product announcements!”

Klaviyo flows

“I know we’re missing out on revenues from email by not having more automations. We’ve got a few already. Help us improve our Klaviyo flows.”

SMS please

“We’ve just focused on email so far, but this is the year we want to tap into the opportunity with SMS! How?”

How it works

What to expect when you hire us, and how we’ll do this together.

Our part

We’ll provide recommendations on what messages to send to segments of your list at the optimal time. This is the strategy part of the work. We’ll implement our Email Building Blocks, which is a design system for expediting message preparation. This is design strategy that saves lots of work later. We write copy, select art and photos, and design messages, then optimally schedule sending to list segments. This is the implementation part we might share.

Your part

You’ll provide a brand narrative, or a sufficient outline of why customers buy from you to guide the offers and editorial content we’ll develop with you. You’ll provide product photography and landing pages. You’ll provide a visual brand style guide that our designers can follow. You might assist with copywriting or be available to be interviewed by our copywriters. You’ll provide prompt feedback to the milestones we schedule together.

Email Marketing: why us?

The implementation work we do today is a fraction of what our formerly full-service agency offered in past years. We narrowed our focus to be those services where our clients experienced the most straightforward, consistently attributable revenue growth for their ecommerce stores: email & SMS marketing. 

Our deep expertise goes back to 2001 but adapts to today’s shopper behaviors, mobile devices, and deliverability best practices.

1. Top 10% of industry peers

The key performance indicators of the Klaviyo accounts we manage show our clients among the top 10% compared to industry peers. Such metrics as $ / recipient, inbox deliverability, and click rate in quarterly benchmark reporting.

2. Klaviyo Global Champion

In 2023 Klaviyo chose our own Gabrielle Pitman as one of 12 people as designated authorities in their customer support forum. They bring us to corporate headquarters for product design feedback. We participate in their super user peer group of 20 professionals worldwide.

3. Revenue relative to fees

Client results are typically 12X to 17X return on the fees paid for our agency services for email marketing. We’ll scale our services to your list size and the revenue we can help you generate. 


+ Email



List segmentation



Campaigns / Offers

Automations / Flows 

Deliverability to the inbox

A/B tests & optimizations

Monthly fees starting at: 




Considering Return on Investment

This service is preceded by our Retention Audit, which evaluates your opportunity to grow revenues from email and SMS. This determines whether you also need our List Reset service. Appropriate to your growth opportunity and the health of your list today, we’ll plan for a minimum 3 month duration for our agency implementation services. We’ll develop an ROI plan with break-even after 3 months, then with 10X to 27X ROI in subsequent 3 to 6 months.


Do we have to use Klaviyo?

Yes, for our agency implementation services described on this page, Klaviyo is a required software for sending emails & SMS. If you’re not already using it, we can migrate your list to use this popular platform. We’ve worked with Mailchimp, Drip, Infusionsoft / Keep, ConvertKit, Shopify, Wix, Constant Contact, and more. But Klaviyo is what we’ve chosen to become a world-class expert in applying for our clients.

What's your minimum commitment term?

Our implementation services are contracted and scheduled on a quarterly, 3 month term. You’ll make payment at the start of each month. 

What if we want to do it, but with your coaching?

Choose our Strategy service level as described in the table above if you’re wanting your team to be responsible for implementation. Yes, we can advise you on what / when / how to do it, but with you doing the follow-through work.

Can I use my own designer / copywriter?

Yes, we can organize a hybrid arrangement where your team member is responsible for certain deliverables. Our Email Building Block system can expedite the work of your designer, for example. Your copywriter might contribute to the message creation process, creating a first draft, or editing a final draft.

Is an audit required?

Yes, our retention audit service will enable us to examine your situation and create a shared understanding of your list, team, and revenue growth opportunity. Then we can make an implementation plan and fee schedule to fit. 

Is there a role for postal mail?

Yes, there can be. If you’re willing to send postcards, for example, through the physical mail service, we can target those who would otherwise be culled or pruned from your email list. One complements the other.


Advisory & done-with-you services:

Email & SMS Marketing support

let’s make it happen, working together!