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You’re wanting to encourage your B2C customers to buy from you again through your online store. You expect your email list can help. Retention helps profitability. Consider the criteria below for what else makes you a match for our services.

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Our work supports product companies who want to make their B2C online sales channel grow in relation to their B2B or retail store channels. Some clients focus on the DTC ecommerce channel exclusively.

Many clients manufacture their own products locally in a factory or workshop setting, including luggage and apparel. In the case of CPG food or skin care products, our clients supervise its preparation, bottling or packaging.

Many proudly identify their products as ‘Made in USA’ but some are just as proud to proclaim ‘Made in Africa’. Regardless of where they’re made, your products are connected to a place and story.

We have experience in the hunting, firearms, and cannabis / CBD industries as they are typically shut out of paid media and SMS marketing opportunities, making their email channel especially important. 

We have decades of expertise in helping such companies prioritize higher margin, repeat ecommerce sales.

Do you fit these criteria below?

Your role

The buyer of our services is often the owner of the company. For the largest companies, it may be the VP of Marketing, Director of Digital Marketing, or Director of Ecommerce with budget or line of business P&L responsibility. You make decisions for the brand vision.

Affiliation / ownership

You are an independent company. You may have investors or partners. But you are not owned by a larger holding company or private equity. Often you’re founder led and employ generations of your family.


Most of our clients are in North America, but we do work with companies in Africa, United Kingdom, and Europe. We like Australians – but have not yet served one as a client. Be our first Aussie!

Your Size

Advisory services are of value to 1 to 200 person companies who are paying for ads and want to optimize the Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 

Because our clients often make their own products, the majority of your team may work in the manufacturing side, leaving a marketing team of 1 to 5 people, and CX of up to 15.

Agency services to assist implementation are priced for the ecommerce online channel earning at least $500k / year. If you’re under this revenue threshold, our group training events and programs can help you grow to this level.

The common size for agency services are stores earning $1M to $9M. This is because at this size you have not yet assembled a professional-grade internal department of digital marketers.

By the time you reach $10M in your online ecommerce channel, you may be better suited to our advisory services, given the internal implementation department you’ve likely built by this point.

Scope & fees

Advisory services start at $2,000. We do offer group training events starting at $50.

Agency services with implementation are priced starting at $1,000 to $6,000 per month and typically last 2 to 3 years.


Our capacity to help you rests on you being receptive to our advice. It’s a good fit when you’re not just wanting to ‘outsource’ what feels like the problem of “what to do with our email list?”

What underlies the kind of receptivity that marks successful clients is a willingness to experiment. You must be open to doing something you’ve never done before. Do it now for good reasons you understand, and let’s take the leap!

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