Brand Narrative Design

What’s changing in the world now and how will your products help the customer adapt to this change? Answering this question carefully will sharpen your  marketing. We’ll help you design this foundational narrative that will guide your brand’s messaging. 

Change attracts attention

Move beyond product features and company mission to the bigger story of how your customer’s world is changing. Position your product on the path of your customer’s adapting to that change. 

Content strategy

Running out of ideas for your emails and SMS? After you establish a Brand Narrative, ideas multiply. Describe the experiences of your customers as they adapt to the change in the world. 

Brand voice

Your products help your customers adapt to the changing world and the new game it asks us to play. The Brand Narrative clarifies why and how you encourage your customers on the journey. 

Summary of the Brand Narrative Design

If you’re wanting clarity for your team and vendors about what, exactly, is your brand’s strategy and how to communicate it to customers, consider this a definitive step in the right direction. We’ll draw out the story behind your products and explain the reasons they must exist. The Design document and the process of making it with us will spark ideas to fuel marketing efforts for years to come. Check pricing.

Brand Narrative Design: why us?

This service is fundamentally strategic in its sweep. It must align with the C-level leadership of a company. It’s often done by or with the founding owner. You may already have some of this kind of material, if less concise than what we deliver.

You’ll want to take care that this is done by someone you can trust. 

1. Expertise over 20 yrs
For the last 20 years we’ve worked on parts and pieces of how to tell the story of a brand and its relationship to its customers, starting with West Paw Design. Then we organized and refined our process, culminating in this Narrative Design package of services.
2. A contrarian perspective

There are people who have inspired our methods, including Andy Raskin. But many growth marketers we part ways with for their application of psychological tricks to ‘drive’ consumer behavior. Our ATTUNED methodology might be described as the opposite of the hype, urgency, scarcity mindset. 

3. Client loyalty

We are not going to provide you with confabulated revenue generation figures directly resulting from this service. It’s more qualitative than quantitative in nature. But you can infer value with the example of a client Red Oxx whom we first served in 2001 to develop an email marketing program who returned in 2022 to turn over their program to our team.

What’s included in Brand Narrative Design



Audit brand's content / hashtags / story

Draft Narrative Design: describe the change in the world

Contrast outcomes of those who adapt, or don't; establish stakes

Describe the experience of the future world that's coming

Plan content that narrates customers' experiences

Identify keywords to help prioritize content topics

Create brand / customer / prospect personas

Define brand promises to prospects / customers 

Outline nurture sequences to prospects / customers



Considering Return on Investment

The underlying purpose of the Brand Narrative Design is to improve how your marketing holds the attention of your audience. Moving from that broad objective to more particular outcomes, consider the efficiency of your email / SMS production process. The ROI we measure for our email marketing agency services is lower by 50% for the first 3 months when we do NOT go through this Brand Narrative Design process. We also see a 2X increase in revisions when NOT done, which slows process for our clients and our team. So this is a process-expediting, idea-infusing option to consider.


What's the difference with your Plus+ service?

Our standard Narrative Design scope is identified in the table above with a starting minimum price. The additional scope in the Plus+ is shown in the right column of the same table above. Some clients already have the kind of data or strategic directions that are contained in the Plus+ level service, so we make it an optional upgrade. 

What if we already did something like this?

Great, you’ll know what you’ve already done is sufficient when you observe high engagement in your email / SMS marketing results combined with a high-efficiency message production process. Absent those two qualities, you might consider our Narrative Design now.

How much time does this take?

Our Narrative Design process runs about 3 weeks when you are prompt in answering our questions.

What is the deliverable, exactly?

A concise document for your team and vendors (including us) to reference when doing marketing. This doc is supplemented by data gathered to support our recommendations. For example, a spreadsheet of keywords to demonstrate alignment of the Narrative with observed search terms. We’re also available for follow-up questions the following 2 months after our deliverable. 


Advisory & done-with-you services:

Elevate what you communicate

Let’s make it happen with your Brand Narrative Design!