Video: Prioritize email automations for ecommerce


Some of the questions we answer in this video are…

  • What are our Core 4 flows?
  • What’s the best flow to start with?
  • Why we initially exclude new subscribers from our newsletter?

Email marketing is an old tactic, but it’s evolved in ways that are new and valuable. The thing that’s stayed the same? The positive ratio of effort and spend put into email marketing, and the consistent value it brings your business in return.

In some ways, it takes a lot of trial and error. Using Flows (automated sequences of emails) is a way to shortcut much of the guesswork, so that you can see your return faster.

They are one of the most effective tools to increase sales for your business. Even better, they become an irreplacable mechanism for nurturing repeat customers.

Their value comes from being triggered by an action that your prospects and customers take, or an action they may forget to complete. They give you consistent opportunities to introduce prospects and customers to your brand in a way that proactively avoids miscommunication snafus.

By sharing stories related to your products, and about your team, you can introduce them to any “insider” lingo you may have and orient them to the way you run your company.

This helps sustain and build the initial excitement they had when they first found you. There’s something powerful about consistency, too. Ensuring that every new subscriber, new customer, repeat customer, etc. go through the same steps proactively answers questions they might otherwise take to your customer success team, and reduces the likelihood of things like buyer’s remorse.

Join Gabrielle and Patrick in the video below as they share the strategy that goes into the prioritization of our Core 4 flows and how we use them to help customers become attuned to your brand.

Updated: May 3, 2024Array
Published: November 13, 2019

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