Ready to build your list and grow its value? 

If you’re a B2B or B2C brand, please answer these questions that will orient you to our firm’s service offerings. We’ll learn from your answers which of our two client on-boarding paths is a better match. Then we’ll both be more informed and ready to talk marketing! (Anyone else, contact us here.)

The two paths to working with us…

Path A: Coaching + DIY

Benchmark & Audit

Starting Path A, we’ll examine your lists and website to identify key numbers and ratios. Our audit informs expectations of what’s possible in the near-term. The data grounds our coaching and reveals your priorities.

Prioritize & Advise

There’s lots you might do, or should do. But what’s the ‘low hanging fruit’? We’ll answer this in both private group and individual coaching contexts. Get personalized advisories and as much Q&A as you need for your team to be able to implement with confidence.

Path A is where about 2/3’s of you fit.

Path B: Done With You

Plan & Implement

Starting Path B, we’ll make a plan with expert recommendations specific to your situation, capacity, and opportunity for growth. Then we’ll jump in to monthly implementation, working alongside you.

Delivery is on us

We’ll take the lead and responsibility for results. Our full-service agency team will draw upon your resources for optimal value to you. But we’ll be who you rely on to build your list and grow its value. We rely on Klaviyo, PostPilot and other supporting apps. 

Path B is about where 1/3 of you fit. 

Give your list some love

It’ll love you back!