Commerce is culture – where does your brand fit in?


Cast a line, set the hook!

Did anyone view or open your email?

Consider all the energy you put into creating a campaign; your hopeful expectations for sales to follow its sending. All of that depends upon your email being opened.

Our designer Iulia illustrated the fishing scene above to represent the truism that “You won’t catch fish if you don’t have your hook in the water.”

Redirect a fraction of your ’email marketing’ energy away from the message creation to its delivery. 

This might be the most valuable shift you make for improving ecommerce revenue attributable to email. Improve deliverability to the inbox. 

This means going beyond recent buzz about DMARC. It does relate to your reputation as a sender, as determined by Gmail, whose infrastructure controls an estimated 3/4 of the world’s email. 

As a sender, what’s within your control is how, after preparing your next campaign, you segment your recipient list. Navigating a spectrum of warm, engaged subscribers to cold, disengaged subscribers. 

Learn how to do this and get more hooks in the inbox: 

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What’s a healthy, engaged list worth? 

If you’ve ever calculated revenue per recipient for your email & SMS marketing, you’ll appreciate our approach to calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) from simply improving how many get opened. 

Our List Reset program does just this. It takes 3 months. Your team can follow our recipe and get coaching. Or, if there’s an opening on our waiting list, we can do this for you.

Our $900 to $3900 Retention Audit forecasts the List Reset’s ROI. Then you can prioritize it relative to what else you ought do now, or later.

Start this forecast on your own and play with the numbers: 

Cells in bright yellow are variable inputs you enter!

Apple adds a “boosted post tax” to your Meta spend

Are you paying to boost your organic posts on Instagram or Facebook?

That Meta spend is 30% more expensive than it was before — if your team uses the native iOS apps to do that social media work.

How? Apple’s enforcing an “in-app purchase” fee. Details from The Verge.

Makes us appreciate owning your own audience — your list — even more than we already do.

That list is an asset to preserve and protect.

Commerce IS Culture

Hot take? Maybe.  Accurate? Yes.

That’s Gabrielle’s takeaway from the SXSW event VISIONS – hosted by Future Commerce, and our friends at FERMÀT and ShipperHQ.

Gabrielle is our award-winning Klaviyo expert, just named one of 20 international Community Champions for 2024! 

The VISION panelists explored the idea of a “multiplayer brand.” How does it shape consumer expectations?

Thought experiment: Are you willing to let your product narrative be written by the people using it?

What if you gave customers opportunities to participate in the conversation about what your “brand” means? 

Participation earns loyalty.

The acts of commerce — buying, telling friends, jumping on trends — shapes the culture.

Culture then shapes commerce, and the cycle continues.

In 2023 Cameron Shaw asked us to co-host the Austin Shopify Meetup.

It’s an Austin institution since 2015 with 1700 members. Hosting’s been great fun, organized by Abigail.

Cameron took the photo above last week at our favorite Cosmic Saltillo.

Updated: May 2, 2024
Published: March 22, 2024

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