Case Study: How automated ‘flows’ replaced email newsletters


Watch as Gabrielle and Patrick break down the reasons to make ‘flows’ the foundation of your email marketing strategy.

If you’re unfamiliar with this term; flows are an automated sequence of emails, triggered by an action, or inaction from one of your subscribers or customers. They’re a more responsive, shopper-aware method of what used to be called autoresponders.

When you watch this video, you’ll learn what we consider to be the key things to keep track of as you measure the results of your email marketing. Rather than obsess over vanity metrics like open and click rates, see what’s really moving the needle, what’s directly tied to ecommerce revenue.

In this video, we describe our experiences working alongside a home and garden retailer for a phased project spanning 2017-2019.

Topics covered include:

  • How to increase overall website conversion rate through email.
  • Why we stopped sending monthly or quarterly email newsletters.
  • Why and how to track results outside of your email marketing tool
  • When to make use of A/B tests in email flows.

Flows take a little more initial thought and planning, as you shape the arc of the “story” that each person will be sent through as they receive emails in your flow.

Over time, as you dial in the language and strategy of the flows, the results begin to compound on each other in a way that can increase the overall conversion rate of your online store.

That’s not to say that every quarter, or every year, will be better than the one previous. After all, not every test has a clear “winner.”

The advantage is the test keeps running over the long haul – your flow strategies evolve as you learn what your customers respond to best. 

Updated: January 11, 2024
Published: November 4, 2019

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