Email Marketing for CPG/ Food/ Farms

email marketing

There may be no more important marketing priority than the care and feeding of your email list. What are you doing to maintain an email connection with your prospects and customers?

Email’s ROI remains among the best of any activity, and it’s been that way for years.

Klaviyo brings powerful integrations with Shopify that enable clever automations. It’s a capable tool for email marketing and our recommended platform for ecommerce merchants. We can help you apply it for optimal results.

our professional guarantee

After 20 years, we know where we can make a positive impact. We’re believers in the 80 / 20 principle that a fraction of what gets done actually yields the most results. But which fraction? We promise to only recommend and implement changes we believe to be of real value. If we do not ourselves trust in the value of what’s being proposed, we will withdraw and refer you to others. Let’s do what matters. This is true for Klaviyo-related work, and anything else we may do.

our history with Klaviyo

In 2020, Patrick Pitman created ebusiness pros as a division of ebusiness coach, the firm he founded in 2000. The marketing departments we encountered as consultants needed better personalization and automation around email. The integration with Shopify that Klaviyo innovated sounded ideal when we found it in 2014.

We’ve worked around 7 years to really evaluate the platform. We like its evolving feature set that made sense for the kinds of problems our clients were facing.

In June 2015 we implemented our first Klaviyo system for a Shopify merchant. In the time since we’ve helped other companies build recurring revenue with Klaviyo Flows, our favorite feature.


Attuned Marketer & CX

ATTUNED Methodology

The foundational principle that organizes our work with clients and our training of their teams is how and why to be attuned. The result is more repeat customers, and a more engaged team to support them. Learn more about our attuned methods.