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The time your team invests in supporting customers is precious. It’s gotta be done, and done well. But it can grind down the enthusiasm of your best people.

Restore their energy. Dial back up the empathy. Free up staff capacity!

Gorgias brings powerful automation and time-saving integrations to your customer service department. It’s a capable tool for specific problems. We can help you apply it for optimal results.

our professional guarantee

After 20 years, we know where we can make a positive impact in companies like yours. We’re believers in the 80 / 20 principle that a fraction of what gets done actually yields the most results. But which fraction? We promise to only recommend and implement changes we believe to be of real value. If we do not ourselves trust in the value of what’s being proposed, we will withdraw and refer you to others. Let’s do what matters. This is true for Gorgias-related work, and anything else we may do.

how we work with your team

Our engagements pair 1, 2 or more of our experts with 1 or 2 of your employees. For a period of weeks or months, we’ll come alongside and understand your objectives. We’ll set up Gorgias-related systems or processes, listening and optimizing with your input. Your team will then carry on to sustain what we built together. We may return later to refine and iterate again, climbing up to the next level of results.

what we don't do related to Gorgias

When it comes to helping you make better of use of the Gorgias platform, we do not replace your customer service team. You will continue to communicate with your customers. So we are not providing outsourced help desk replies or resolutions.

We also will not limit our observations to JUST GORGIAS. We do not hyper focus on one tool. So for example, how you answer and return phone calls can be very important. If there’s a better phone solution for you than 100% reliance on Gorgias, we’ll say so.

our history with Gorgias

In 2020, Patrick Pitman created ebusiness pros as a division of ebusiness coach, the firm he founded in 2000. The customer service departments we encountered as consultants needed better views into order status and history of purchases. The help desk integration with Shopify that Gorgias promised sounded ideal.

Louis Lavedan at Gorgias helped us evaluate the platform. He forecast an evolving feature set that made sense for the kinds of problems our clients were facing. 

In June 2020 we implemented our first Gorgias help desk for a Shopify merchant experiencing unprecedented Covid-related growth. In the time since we’ve helped other companies lower costs and free up precious staff time with Gorgias. 


customer service you can be proud of

Gorgias continues to improve their software platform. But in our experience, businesses running on Gorgias are not benefiting from 57% of their existing features. There’s much to still gain! And sometimes, what’s missing is not technical implementation but more interpersonal and relational. Get support for your customer support team:

gorgias pros

You’ve got the help desk platform up and running? Now take it up to a new level. Like Usain Bolt level!

We often start with an audit. People say things like “I didn’t even know that was a feature!”

We may even discourage some feature adoption. How can that be possible? Let’s just say not all its bells and whistles are advantageous to encouraging the repeat customer. It depends on your team’s capacity…

If you’ve not yet adopted Gorgias, we can help you evaluate its potential. And then handle the technical heavy-lifting to migrate data and processes. Ask for our quick start package. (Olympic sprinter not included.)

develop your team

Tools can bring efficiency. But they’re dependent on your team’s capacity to use the tools.

Attuned Customer ExperienceBy capacity we might mean willingness, or ability, or even awareness. Sometimes the people on your team are less aware of what excellence looks, sounds, and feels like to the customer.

We can be a proxy to help you affirm a vision of customer service excellence for your organization. Attunement is our foundational principle.

An audit of phone call recordings and Gorgias tickets can make clear whether it’s people or tools that need priority attention.


hire ebusiness pros to improve:

team efficiency

An example: “Help us set up a system (automations, skills-training, etc.) to support the next $1M in Shopify web sales without hiring another customer service person.”

decision making

An example: “Advise our choice of help desk and make the migration easier. We like Gorgias, but what about Help Scout for our specific situation? Help us decide for the right reasons. “

human capacity

An example: “Evaluate my customer service team and clarify roles. With new systems, we also want new expectations. Not just for what to do, but HOW WE DO IT.”

technical tactics

An example: “Our Gorgias system has been running for 8 months but we’ve stalled in making efficiency improvements. We’re not using Macros as we ought. Our tags are out of control. We need a restart!”

when it rains it pours

a case study about Gorgias and frogs

from crazy to centered

For househomeandmore.com, the pace of growth in 2020 outstripped their capacity to handle customer inquiries. It felt like pouring rain after the roof had caved in, the parking lot flooded, and frogs were breeding in the hallways. Is that a polliwog in my cup?

Scrambling with a remote team, phones were shut off as a coping tactic. Paging Noah…

Bit by bit, from April to December, the customer response times declined by 600%, even as order volume doubled. Notably half of the improvement, 300% was realized before migrating to Gorgias. Ask us why!

The second 300% improvement appeared immediately after the switch in August. Holiday support loads grew and the team held steady through the end of the year.

In 2021, the Amazon support channel moved to Gorgias, completing the migration of several marketplaces. As the one year annivarsary nears, rather than scrambling to hire, the existing team is seeking out new roles like taking up proactive outreach on social media.

Today the Gorgias platform sits at the center of daily operations. And credit must be shared with a reworking of the phone system, a new FAQ knowledgebase, a 3rd party chat bot, Klaviyo email flows, and new team roles with an Attuned approach.

Lesson: Build from the center on a solid foundation and work your way outwards. And mind the frogspawn. 

“You helped us improve customer service response times by 6X during the same time that our ecommerce store grew at 2X. Thanks for helping us to grow sales AND keep our commitment to the customer experience.”

Rick Prest

President, HH&M, Arizona

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Queen G, savin’ the day out here! 😝

“No, but really. This is awesome and I really appreciate you taking the time to get this automation set up for us. It is a true game changer!”


Customer service

Attuned Marketer & CX

ATTUNED Methodology

The foundational principle that organizes our work with clients and our training of their teams is how and why to be attuned. The result is more repeat customers, and a more engaged team to support them. Learn more about our attuned methods.

Two forthcoming certifications help marketers and customer service professionals level up. 

help for when its raining frogs

got gorgias? let’s get to work