Email & SMS marketing service plans

Get ecommerce shoppers to come back and buy again with Klaviyo. Plans for starter solopreneurs up to 7 figure DTC brands. Build your list, grow and retain customers with retention pros.

Marketing Automation

Bring prospects to a buying decision point with personalized, automated email flows. Follow-up after the sale to nurture repeat purchases with evergreen messages and offers. 

Expert Advisory

Founded in 2000, we’ve got deep expertise in DTC ecommerce. Our Klaviyo experience began in 2017. Today we’re advisors to Klaviyo’s product road map & customer suport. 

Clear, Steady ROI

Sales attributed to email & SMS marketing yields a predictable return. Pace your budget to revenue so you feel in control. Monthly & quarterly plans that grow with you. 

“Our relationship has been like going on safari in an unexplored wilderness with an exceptional safari guide. It has been an enjoyable expedition and we have learnt a huge amount.

“After 7 years, I could not recommend you more highly.”

Alexander Mavros, London UK

Managing Director, Patrick Mavros Luxury Jewelry


Powering smarter digital relationships

Klaviyo Plans

Choose your level of support

Starter Monthly

$500-$2k /mo

Pro Monthly

$2k-$5k /mo

3 Month Sprint

$3k-$6k /mo

Quarterly commitment

Quarterly commitment

One-time Upgrade

& Essential Flows

& Advanced Flows

Flows, List Health,
Campaign Templates & SOP's

Outsourced expert
help for solopreneurs

Full service agency for
$1M+ brands with 10k+ lists

Optimize Klaviyo for customer retention, train your team

Setup fee 50%

Setup fee 50%

No setup fee

Let’s make a plan

Gain confidence in how we’ll make the most of Klaviyo together.

How it works

What to expect when you hire us, and how we’ll do this together.

Our part

We’ll take care of everything within the Klaviyo platform, including design of messages.

We’ll advise you on your editorial content, product offers, and what to say to who, when. 

We’ll collaborate with your other agencies, consultants, or staff. 

We’ll deliver what we promise, or give your money back if not fully satisfied after the first. 30days.


Your part

You’ll take care of everything about your ecommerce website.  You’ll provide lifestyle, product and brand photography.

You’ll participate in planning content and editing copy.

You’ll check and reply when prompted to review our work.

You’ll also be available to meet over Zoom to answer questions and give feedback.

Check the FAQ’s below for more.

Top gold line is warm engaged segment, and bottom line is decline in cold segment of list.

Reasons to do this now:

Staff not trained

“We’re good with doing Klaviyo campaigns but not so with flows. Help us set up flows fast.” – CMO

Give it over to the pros

“We’ve long managed our own email marketing. But there’s been a change in our team and now we want to outsource it. We want to start doing SMS, make the designs better, and upgrade everything about retention.” – Marketing director

Klaviyo newbie

“I’m signing up for Klaviyo as an experiment. I’m not sure how it’ll work, and don’t want to make a mistake that jeopardizes the results. Nobody on my small team knows Klaviyo. Until we know it’s worth it, I don’t want to invest my own time in the setup. Make this easy on me!” – Shopify store owner

Why us?

Klaviyo chose our Marketing Lead, Gabrielle, as a Community Champion, one of 12 for 2023 among their thousands of certified partners worldwide. Klaviyo did it again in 2024!

We’ve advised Klaviyo leadership on product and course development at their Boston HQ. We answer expert questions in their forum.

We started using Mailchimp in 2009 and Klaviyo in 2017.

1. Deep expertise

Our ecommerce consulting started with our founding in 2000. Our email marketing support started in 2001. Average employee tenure is 7 years.

2. Value your List

Social media has its place, but you’re building a long-term asset when you collect direct contact info. We prioritize DTC strategies that value  your customers’ email / phone SMS / and postal addresses.

3. Speed of setup

The value you’ll get back from a proper integration of Gatsby with Klaviyo can pay back its cost within the next 100 orders. Start counting those orders sooner rather than later with our quick launch support.

Why Klaviyo?

The first reason is the underlying layer of data about your customer that Klaviyo built into its foundation. That enabled deep integration with Shopify. Now we can segment and personalize emails & SMS based on the activity of your prospects and customers. With good data, design, and deliverability features, Klaviyo stands above the alternatives in 2024.



Do you guarantee your work?

If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with the first 30 days of our work, we’ll gladly refund the money you’ve paid in that period. We also want it to feel like a good fit!

How many emails for each plan?

For the Starter Plan, anticipate weekly emails. For the Pro Plans, the frequency varies based on velocity of new products or offers, list size, and pacing of your feedback. SMS messages are sent less frequently. Results measured by revenue are more important than frequency of sending.

How do I get started?

We’ll send you an application form that asks you about your business and goals. We’ll talk about this with you in a meeting over Zoom. If it’s a match, we’ll schedule your on-boarding week after you pay the set-up fee. We’ll forecast timing prior to your making this payment.