Klaviyo launch support

Establish a data-driven foundation for your digitial marketing with the Klaviyo platform. Whether you’re sending emails, SMS, or both – we can help you get started with Klaviyo.


Set up a system of Klaviyo flows to collect and manage UGC, reward engagement, and automate social listening. Save a ton of work!

Expert Advisory

Founded in 2000, we’ve got deep expertise. We’re advisors to both Klaviyo and Gatsby. Ask us and we can make your program better.

Growth Marketing

Shift social followers into valuable emails and mobile numbers on your list. Gatsby makes it easier. Klaviyo makes it rain.

“Launching Gatsby flows are a breeze when you have a partner that understands Klaviyo and how everything works together.

I say just five words to ebusiness pros and they immediately understand the intention behind our features and how to tie everything back to Klaviyo and the client’s specific strategy.

I’m so glad we have the support of your team for Gatsby clients.”

Willie Vernon

Executive Vice President of Marketing, Christensen Arms


Grow faster with social automations

Klaviyo Launch Plans

Choose the level of support and we’ll do this together


Pro Options

Expert Audit of your Gatsby program health

Expert Audit of Gatsby + Klaviyo Flows

1:1 Gatsby + Klaviyo Q&A Coaching Session

Top 2 Quick Fixes done with you

1:1 Gatsby + Klaviyo Consultations

Optimize Gatsby DM Automated Replies

Optimize Klaviyo Signup Forms

Optimize Klaviyo Email Flows for Instagram

Add or Optimize Klaviyo Email Flows for TikTok

Add or Optimize SMS to Klaviyo Flows for Gatsby

Integrate Gatsby with your loyalty program

Add or Optimize Ambassador Referral Code Program

Design & Copywriting expert help: Email + SMS

Advise discount alternatives & special cases

 Pricing (USD)



Let’s make a plan

Gain confidence in how you’ll make the most of Gatsby and Klaviyo together. Schedule a free consultation.

How it works

What to expect when you hire us, and how we’ll do this together.

Our part

Within the bounds of the plan that you choose (reference the pricing table above), we’ll optimally configure Klaviyo and Gatsby. It’ll be as if Gatsby or Klaviyo had done it for you, following their own documentation.

If you choose the Pro plan, we’ll adapt messages to your brand and revise up to 2 iterations of the copywriting and design. Plus you’ll get our best recommendations to elevate your program’s results.

If you don’t choose the Pro plan, we’ll focus on applying your established brand styles, configuring settings, and guiding you through the setup smoothly.

We’ll answer questions for 10 days after we agree our work is complete.

Your part

You’ll facilitate our access to your Klaviyo account by inviting us as a collaborator. You’ll share your Gatsby login using our secure process. You’ll build a page on your website and add the form code we specify.

You’ll check emails and reply when prompted to review our work.

You’ll watch private videos we may send you, demonstrating and explaining the configurations we’ll make in your accounts.

You’ll also be available to meet 2 to 3 times over Zoom to answer questions and give feedback.

Check the FAQ’s below for who needs to participate in this project on your side, timing, and more!

Top gold line is warm engaged segment, and bottom line is decline in cold segment of list.

Reasons to do this now:

Staff not trained

“We’re good with doing Klaviyo campaigns but not so with flows. Help us set up Gatsby-related flows fast.” – CMO

First time for Ambassadors

“We’ve long encouraged influencers. We make use of UGC (user generated content) when it shows up. But now we want to offer referral incentives with an ambassador program. And do it all programmatically, so it just happens even if we get busy. Help us do that.” – Marketing director

Gatsby newbie

“I’m signing up for Gatsby as an experiment. I’m not sure how it’ll work, and don’t want to make a mistake that jeopardizes the results. Nobody on my team has yet learned Gatsby. Until we know it’s working, I don’t want to invest a lot of my own time in the setup. Make this easy on me!” – Shopify store owner.

Grow our list

“This program is going to help us grow our list! Set it up the best it can be done, so more social followers give us their phone or email.” – Ecommerce manager.

Why us?

Klaviyo chose our Marketing Lead, Gabrielle, as a Community Champion, one of 12 for 2023 among their thousands of certified partners worldwide. Klaviyo did it again in 2024!

We’ve advised Klaviyo leadership on product and course development at their Boston HQ. We answer expert questions in their forum.

Similarly with Gatsby, we’re a trusted agency partner. We’ve encouraged the development of the product from its early days. We help our clients make the most of Gatsby.

1. Deep expertise

Our ecommerce consulting started with our founding in 2000. Our email marketing support started in 2001. Average employee tenure is 7 years.

2. Value your List

Social media has its place, but you’re building a long-term asset when you collect direct contact info. We prioritize DTC strategies that value  your customers’ email / phone SMS / and postal addresses.

3. Speed of setup

The value you’ll get back from a proper integration of Gatsby with Klaviyo can pay back its cost within the next 100 orders. Start counting those orders sooner rather than later with our quick launch support.

Instagram versus TikTok

Most clients use Gatsby with Instagram before introducing TikTok. Our Starter Plan is therefore focused on connecting Instagram and triggering flows in Klaviyo based on Instagram interactions. Our TikTok add-on service sets up TikTok flows in Klaviyo as a supportive, secondary follow-on service. $800 add-on.



What are the first 3 Klaviyo Flows to setup?

  1. Flow 1 invites your customers to follow you on Instagram
  2. Flow 2 thanks them for following, then invites them to share an Instagram post.
  3. Flow 3 Rewards them when they publish that Instagram post. Whether it’s a story, reel, etc.

How long does it take?

About 2 weeks. Our start time is within 1 week of your making payment. Your part (described above) might take up that first week, enabling us to begin and complete our work the following week.

Who needs to participate?

The person who manages access to your Klaviyo account so you can grant us collaborator access.

The person who manages Gatsby so you can share your login with us following our secure process.

The person who creates pages on your website, as we’ll pass form setup code.

The person who is responsible for deciding on coupons, offers, and ambassador program terms.

The person who writes or approves copywriting of emails.

What is 'Design & Copywriting help'?

We’ll setup the Flows in Klaviyo that Gatsby will use use to communicate on your behalf. If you choose our Pro Plan, we’ll design the messages to a level beyond the Standard Plan’s configuring of font, text size and button colors. This can include images, backgrounds, and more, paired with copywriting, revised up to 2 times.

What are 'discount alternatives and special cases'?

If you choose our Pro Plan, we’ll help you develop a reward that is not a coupon code discount. We’ll coach you through the considerations. We’ll advise you in choosing practical incentives based on our experience with luxury brands that don’t discount.

Special cases might be additional consideration about multiple tiers of rewards. Perhaps you want to distinguish ‘whales’ from less popular followers for your Ambassador program. The Pro Plan offers this level of support.

What is 'integrating with a Loyalty program'?

If you’re using a program like Stamped Loyalty, Loyalty Lion, or Yotpo Loyalty, then consider our Standard Plan of support. We’ll help you connect the logic within Gatsby to trigger Klaviyo flows based on accumulated points within your loyalty program. This is not required to use Gatsby but can be a welcome feature upgrade.

What is 'Setup Signup Forms'?

You’ll create a page on your website. We’ll create a Klaviyo Form and provide you code and instructions on how to install it on the page. We’ll work with you to prepare copy and create a brand-friendly design for the Klaviyo form. We’ll configure settings within Klaviyo to associate new optins with the correct List.

What are Gatsby DM Automated Replies?

When a social media follower sends your account a Direct Message (DM), we can configure Gatsby to a) interpret the message and b) automatically reply with an awareness of follower size. Reference this help doc.

Let’s get Klaviyo working for you

We can help you choose the best plan and be up in days