unkink your ecommerce front-office


Get expert help to evolve your marketing and customer service.

Independent, direct-to-consumer brands have turned to us since 2000 to get better at ebusiness. We’ll help you level up your people and systems to a new standard.

Our Attuned Marketer and Attuned CX programs ground our results with clients, yielding sales growth rates among the Top 1% of Shopify merchants in 2020.


Score your Customer Service

20 questions to help you evaluate how good your team could be.

a nimble, profitable ebusiness

We make front-office people and systems better. This means helping the income side of a business that sells onlineWe focus on marketing and customer service through channels you own directly, like email and phone.

We don’t prioritize customer relationships that are mediated by Big Tech. Read more about what we don’t do here.

Examples of how we can help: 

  • Want prospects and customers to open and act on your emails and texts? Check.
  • Want automation that defers the next marketing or customer service hire? Check.
  • Want a direct customer relationship and nurturing methodology for the long-term? Check.

Together we can organize your front-office priorities, processes, tools, and roles. Get unkinked! Then you’ll increase your flow capacity to serve more customers at a higher standard of service.

improve flow capacity: serve more customers at a higher standard of service.

the 80/20 principle

It’s said that 20% of your efforts are responsible for 80% of your results. But which 20%? If you knew, what might you stop doing? What might you prioritize instead? After 25 years in the ecommerce business, we’ve got wicked questions to help you discover them for yourself. Subscribe and we’ll send you our best.

clients say things like this

imagine what we might do together?

“You helped us improve customer service response times by 6X during the same time that our ecommerce store grew at 2X. Thanks for helping us to grow sales AND keep our commitment to the customer experience.”

Rick Prest

President, HH&M, Arizona

“Your help with that … [Klaviyo flows] saved our ass last year. It got us through the Christmas season.”

Jim Markel

CEO, Red Oxx Manufacturing, Inc., Montana

our vision of an attuned ebusiness

To work towards attunement means you’re finding a feel good connection with others, building a relationship. To work towards an ebusiness means you’re evolving to a digital-first, customer-facing operation, with automations helping you offer self-service. Connecting the two intentions — attunement + ebusiness — makes for a powerful synergy. It encourages a new profit potential for the smaller enterprise!

attuned marketing

We can do better than the classic Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA) marketing framework. Its concepts underly common content and funnel marketing techniques. But it can devolve into click-bait. It can also become a fixation on metrics like AOV, LTV and ROAS that spills over into messaging that makes customers feel objectified.
Attuned Marketer
What might it feel like — to prospects and customers – if we temper our impulse to grab attention, drive traffic, and convert visitors?

In today’s digital first context, how do we evolve our frameworks? How do we build a buying relationship that lasts because it feels good to everyone?

attuned customer experience

When we sold products in-person, we could build a relationship before the sale. We could get and receive feedback, listen and advise. We could refer elsewhere when our product didn’t match the shopper’s needs. In short, we could start the buyer’s journey from a place of interpersonal goodwill.

Attuned Customer Experience

But today’s sales person may instead be in a reactive customer service role. Rather than feeling curiosity or excitement, your customer may feel irritation, i.e., a return.

In today’s “contactless” shopping context, how do we connect? How do we build a service relationship that feels good to everyone? 


hire ebusiness pros to improve:

team efficiency

An example: “Help us set up a system (automations, skills-training, etc.) to support the next $1M in Shopify web sales without hiring another customer service person.”

decision making

An example: “Guide our choice of platforms and plan their roll-out. Do we upgrade to Shopify Plus? Do we start a second ecommerce site as a strategic hedge of our risk?”

human capacity

An example: “Evaluate my front-office team and clarify roles so we can use vendors and in-house people effectively. If we must hire, design an on-boarding program.”

technical tactics

An example: “Our Klaviyo email flows could be so much better. Help us untangle and optimize their evergreen sales potential. Then sync the copywriting up with our Gorgias macros.”


When customers increasingly place orders online, do you have a capable web storefront? We can help.


Have you prioritized email as a direct line of communication to your prospects and customers? We can help.

customer service

Are your customers more inclined to buy again after interacting with your team (or bots)? We can help.

customer education

Is your content coherent across marketing and customer service communications? We can help.


What if you could grow sales without working your team so hard, deferring the next hire? We can help.

team development

What could you accomplish with a capable, reliable, and attuned front-office team? We can help.

better that big changes start with small steps

let’s make it happen, working together!